Bacci Wines A Great Tuscan Company


Fully organic company founded in 1985 by Bacci family. Bacci Wines is a group of estates that includes Castello di Bossi, Renieri, Terre di Talamo, Barbaione and Tenuta di Renieri representing the most celebrated appellations of Tuscany as Morellino di Scansano, Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino.


Today the winery, that has an extension of around 900 hectares, is producing more than 21 labels of wines between rosè, white, red, sweet and sparkling ones. It is led by Marco Bacci and his son Jacopo, together with the international entrepreneur Serg Bell. The group is representing the excellence of Tuscan Wines around the world.


Allow people to experience the best wines in the world anytime.


Produce perfect and organic wines in all the portfolio in order to guarantee the most excellent standards of quality and flavor.

Marco Bacci

Marco Bacci born in Florence province on the May 9 1959 from a Tuscan family with roots in the region since ever. At the age of 19 he started to work in the family business that was a small company of clothing business with an average production of 300/500 pcs a day. In less than 2 years he took the number to 20.000/25.000 pcs a day and the company became one of the leader not only for clothing , but more focalized in fashion. In the meantime he started a real estate company , that was the golden time for the activity. In few years the company owned multiple locations with different kind of buildings.

In 1984 he bought Castello di Bossi that was 1 quarter of what the winery is today. The wine was the last of his thoughts , but he started as hobby and in 1985 he made the first important label, the Corbaia. He personally managed wine and fashion togheter for many years .
During the African experience he purchased a game ranch in Zimbabwe (40.000 acres) and was involved in the conservancy project to save the Black Rhino from extinction.

From 1996 the wine and estate became the main focus after selling the clothing companies. In 1998 he purchased Renieri in Brunello di Montalcino appellation and he cut down the existing vineyards , starting from zero with new concept of density and quality direction (it took 10 years to have the first bottle of Brunello in hand).

In the year 2001 he purchased Terre di Talamo, in the Morellino di Scansano appellation. The dream to own the 3 best Tuscan appellations, with Sangiovese direction, came true; Chianti Classico at Bossi , Brunello di Montalcino at Renieri and Morellino di Scansano with Terre di Talamo. Marco owns also 100% of International Consulting and Trading . The company is specialized in real estate and wineries acquisition. Hobbies: free diving, fishing, hunting, skiing, sailing, flight and a passion for Ferrari. Marco speaks Italian, English and some French. He is the father of 3 children Jacopo, Barbara and Bendetta; his best friend is Babà a funny dachshund.

Jacopo Bacci

Jacopo Bacci was born in 1984 and grew up in Florence. After attending the scientific high school he has attended the University of enology in Florence. At the same time between 2004-2006 he started his work life between Italy, UK and German working with the importers of the Bacci Wines Group.

After 2 years of experience in Europe he has started his adventure in the USA/CANADA Markets. First working side by side with the National Importer and after 2 years opening new direct distributing lines in the States for the new wineries of the Group. This has been a new successful route for the distribution but also more challenging then the traditional 3 tears system. The US market is one of the most complicate Market for the distribution of alcoholic beverages because every federal state has different regulations and some of them are 100 years old. For that reason the target every year was to visit and touch more cities in the States to find direct channels, build the sales teams and create events to give visibility to the brands. Since 2009 he has also developed the key Asians Markets (HK, Thailand, Singapore) for the BacciWines Group.

This job has given Jacopo also the chance to grow up in different continents, different cultures expanding his view on the world. The discovery of new places, new cultures, and the chance to meet new peoples has been one of the most interesting parts of his life up to now and made his job not only a job but also a lifestyle.

Serg Bell

Serg Bell  is a Singaporean businessman, entrepreneur, investor and speaker, co-founder, CEO and chair of the board of Acronis, a global data protection company. Bell has filed more than 200 U.S. Patents.

Bell came to Singapore in 1994 and became a Singaporean citizen in 2001.

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